Squid Game is a new battle royale project where you will have to compete for your life on various arenas full of cunning traps and mortal dangers. The game is based on a popular TV series that tells about a cruel show involving debtors and other desperate people who would risk their lives for the sake of a slim chance to win all at once. Are you ready to enter this merciless competition?

Are you up to die today?

Battle royale has been popular ever since the release of a Japanese movie with the same name. Since then, many computer games have been created to emulate this process, and they have been united into a separate genre. The conditions and settings can be rather different, but the goal is always the same – you have to survive all the trials and remain the last person standing on the map when everything is over. In some games, you even have to kill other players for that. But when it comes to fighting for your life, all means are justified. And every mistake can be fatal. So if you think you have the guts to participate in this kind of an entertainment, welcome to Squid Game!

Here you will have to go through a series of complicated tasks that will make you run and jump, duck and search for cover. You will have to overcome multiple obstacles on your way out of a tricky maze. You will be running away from a huge robot that shoots laser guns capable of cutting a person up in half in a matter of seconds. You will need to stay alert every minute of the gameplay and always be ready to act because you won’t have a lot of time to choose the best possible option, you will just have to do something on the fly that seems optimal at the moment.

Your life is at stake!

Right now, there are several versions of Squid Game that you can play online. All of them focus on different aspects of the contest and challenge you to deal with new types of trials. So it will never get boring because you will have a lot of diversity in choosing the very kind of a challenge you want to take up. There is plenty of variety in finding the perfect version of this online entertainment that will keep you on edge for hours as you play it either against random people from the web or your friends invited to a personal match. See how many trials will you be able to pass and wether you’ll manage to survive by the end of this massacre that will be unfolding right on your screen! Play Squid Game online and have fun!