If you ever played Talking Tom games, you probably know that there are many other great charming characters in this series aside from Tom himself. For instance, his colleague Ben. He is a big buff bulldog who is known for his perky character, active lifestyle and big heart. Together with him, you’ll surely spend a wonderful time in Talking Ben games!

Get to know Ben a little better!

Ben may seem like a little bit of a bully at first. Indeed, he can be rather rude and he often plays jokes on Tom. But he is actually a kind-hearted guy, and you’ll see it after playing these games. Ben loves to have fun and spend his time actively. You can often see him doing some sports – he enjoys playing football, tennis or skiing when it’s winter. Here you can join him on all these activities, including those where he will be playing against other heroes from Talking Tom.

In his free time, Ben loves to eat tasty food, so he is always up for a picnic or delicious dinner. He also doesn’t mind watching some TV or playing puzzles and other games – another thing you can do together. And of course he will appreciate your help around the house and garden because he is a bit lazy. Maybe you’ll be able to instill a habit of cleaning up in him! Like all of us, Ben sometimes has problems and you can help him solve them. That will make you even better friends and he will be really grateful to you for taking such an active part in his life!

Have fun together and become real friends!

As you know, Ben has a job. He works at a local news channel together with Tom. Sometimes he forgets his lines, especially when he gets distracted on playing another trick on Tom, and it will be of great help if you could back him up. How can you do that? Don’t forget that the games are called Talking Ben! That means our friend can talk and you can hear that by saying the right words to him into your microphone and hear him repeating them with his cartoonish voice!

There won’t be a shortage of things to do in Ben’s company! This fun-loving and cheerful character will really make a great visual friend to you and you will find yourself spending time with him more and more frequently. Completing daily tasks will bring you points that can be spent on upgrading Ben’s house or buying various accessories for him. Start playing our amazing Talking Ben games right now and you’ll surely find the right one that will instantly raise your mood!