Drive all the way from your hometown to the Moon!

What can give us more emotions than racing and winning? If you’re up for it, you’ll be thrilled to play Hill Climb Racing! You’ll be driving your car as Newton Bill, a jolly guy with a passion for races. He has tried his hand at all kinds of vehicles and will excellently master anything from an old stalling sedan to a deer slay. The game offers the most diverse locations where the actions unfolds among numerous obstacles strewing the winding road. You’ll be making your way through picturesque hills, dangerous mountains, snow-covered forests and even take a trip on the moon. At the start, you’ll be sent to the countryside, with green meadows and steep slopes. Here you’ll try out your very first vehicle – a basic jeep. All other maps and cars will have to be purchased for the money you win during the races. Each location has a multitude of levels that change every few miles. After completing the level, you’ll get a reward depending on how well you did there. Additional coins are awarded for aerial stunts – the longer you remain above the ground the more cash you’ll receive. Besides, they are also scattered down your path and all you have to do to increase your score is to control your car deftly enough to pick them up.

Upgrade your car, unlock new vehicles, improve your driving skills!

You’re probably interested in finding out what other cool vehicles are there to drive. Make no mistake, there are going to be lots of them! Depending on the location, you can choose different car models, motorcycles, tractors and even test a tank. All these means of transport can also be improved to get as further and as faster as possible. What makes the game especially exciting is that you can ride that very magical slay in Santa’s costume on the North Pole during Christmas holidays! The goal is simple – keep going for as long as you can. However, there are plenty of cunning obstacles ahead. Hills and precipices, trees and marshes, toxic waste and other dangers make your mission way more daring. Some of them will slow you down and send your vehicle spinning at the risk of you breaking every last bone in your body. Some will destroy your fuel supply that will constantly keep running out. Note that fuel cans aren’t among the frequent bonuses you can find on the road, so you have to watch your gas meter closely to avoid being stuck in the middle of the map. How many levels will you be able to beat? How many upgrades will you be able to buy for your vehicle? There is always room for perfection in Hill Climb Racing, but the essence of the game stands – speed, adrenaline and loads of fun!