Sometimes our life starts resembling a time loop where every day is the same and nothing unusual happens. If you’re tired of your routine and want to try something new and extraordinary for a change, welcome to our amazing crazy games! This category includes the most insane and unimaginable virtual entertainments that will push the boundaries of your perception and shake the very core of your mental health. Are you ready for wild fun and mad adventures? Then it’s time to put all of the things that have been nagging you aside and plunge into the world of sheer craziness online!

Totally insane and hilarious!

There are no words that will fully describe crazy games – just because it’s hard to even imagine the things happening there until you play them. But you can be sure that it will be way beyond what you would normally expect from a regular online game! It’s like getting inside a dream where images and events are whimsically mixed into the most incredible cocktail. How about racing through the city on sausages instead of cars? Or planning and executing a spectacular revenge on your ex? How many ways to break your smartphone can you come up with? Just make sure not to break the one you’re playing on in the process! Perhaps you can head the uprise of eggs or participate in a war raging inside a soup bowl? This is just a tiny fraction of all the loony options that are waiting for you on our site!

Go mad and have fun!

Playing crazy games requires you to be quick, reckless and think on the fly. Since basically anything can happen here, it’s hard to predict how the situation will evolve even in the closest future. You should adapt to the changing circumstances and come up with ways to deal with the most insane challenges that arise on your path. Be prepared that laws of logic and physics won’t necessarily work here. Everything you knew about proportions, gravitation and sound reason may prove to be completely useless. It doesn’t matter – you came here to have fun and indulge your inner lunatic. Just let your mind wander off and join the madness unfolding on the screen! The garish colors, the design of the levels, the look of the characters – everything is soaked in the spirit of craziness and the best thing you can do is enjoy every second of it. Our crazy games come in different genres and degrees of psychological instability. So, how about losing it for a few hours and going cuckoo? This is going to be fun – and crazy!