Who is this cute cat that looks so friendly and intelligent? His name is Talking Tom and he lives in a beautiful friendly town that he will gladly show you! And do you know why he is called like that? Because he can actually talk! Well, he’s a bit shy and still hasn’t gotten used to human speech, so you’ll have to help him a little. Whatever you say into your microphone, you’ll hear back repeated in Tom’s funny voice! This feature will come in handy in a variety of situations. But you don’t always have to talk – you can just have fun together!

Tom needs a playmate!

Talking Tom games invite you to join the life of different characters inhabiting this charming cartoon world. You’ll meet Angela, Tom’s girlfriend, and his colleague Ben, a perky bulldog, and an adorable little kitten named Ginger who is always looking to get in another trouble. Their lives are exciting and eventful, and you will definitely enjoy their company!

So what exactly can you do in Talking Tom games? Quite a lot! First of all, you can visit Tom’s house and participate in his daily activities. You can feed and pet him, brush his fur, play together with a great number of toys. After that, it would be nice to clean up all the mess made in the process. Then you can leave the house and go for a walk. It’s up to you to decide what you are going to do this time – perhaps you’d like to go on a picnic or take a bike ride around the town. Other characters will gladly join you as well – the more the merrier!

What are you up to today?

But Tom’s life doesn’t only consist of chilling out and having fun. He also has a job, and a rather responsible one. Tom works as a host on a news channel. He tells the locals about all the important and exciting things happening in the world. However, he can sometimes get nervous and will be grateful if you will help him along by saying the lines he needs to repeat. And you should also watch out for Ben who loves playing tricks on our hero!

Another situation where Tom will require your help is his relationship with Angela. He has been trying to confess his feelings for her so long, but he doesn’t seem to find the right words. Will you back him up? Working as a team, you can turn a romantic date into every girl’s dream! And then, who knows, maybe you’ll also be planning their wedding and choosing a dress for Angela to wear on this special occasion! Make friends with Tom and his buddies and have fun together!