An extremely popular title Fortnite was created in 2017 and it is still one of the most widely-accepted ones in the gamers community. The title is variable and has three different playing modes. The first one provides players with an opportunity to cooperate as a team and unite their powers to fight against the enemies. The genre can be classified as a survival shooter, however, participants also need to build fortresses and defend valuable artefacts while they struggle. The second one must the most appreciated by those, who prefer online multiplayers. It is known as Battle Royale. About 100 participants appear at a distant area, where they need to compete and defeat each other until the last one stays. This one gained appreciation worldwide and brought real success to the developers. The third mode is about creation, since it provides gamers with customization options that allow them to build their own maps and levels as they wish. The battle fields can be also created and then tested, of course. All modes have similar environment, artwork, and mechanics. Now let’s talk about them in more detail.

The first mode known as Save the World places players at the conditions where they need to stand against the environmental threats. The main idea here is communication. The plot behind the game is pretty simple: a great catastrophe happened and almost everyone on the planet died. The world is flooded with zombies and players act as the last survivors, who need to protect themselves and their bases. In addition to fighting, they will also have to build and defend shelters, save those who were lucky to survive, and gather resources. The famous multiplayer Battle Royale also allows different forms of cooperation. Gamers can unite into pairs or small groups. When the battle begins, gamers are expected to find weapons and cars, as well as other resources that might help them survive. There is a secure place on the map from the start, however, it becomes smaller gradually and the final battle becomes unavoidable due to the limited space. The last survivor, pair or group becomes a winner. The Creative mode allows gamers to do everything they like on the area. They can build the battle fields and create maps the way they want to. These creations can be tested in action later. The developers claim that they want to include the most popular maps to the official version of the game later.

Gathering, building and planning are very crucial for all parts of the franchise. They allow gamers use various types of materials to create fortresses and the more solid the materials are, the stronger the defense would be. Fortresses can be wooden, metal or made of brick and each type has individual properties and be improved. In the first mode, gamers are encouraged to build in order to defend the objects and bases. In the second one, bases allow to hide from enemies’ attacks. When creating fortresses in the Creative mode, gamers have a great deal of design possibilities. Try them all on this website and have a really great time!