Do you want to go to the ruins of a sunken pirate ship in search of treasures, plunge into the colorful underwater world, or wander through an abandoned luxury mansion? Or maybe you would like to visit a fairytale magic world with sorcerers, wizards, elves and gnomes? Or set out on a fascinating journey across ancient labyrinth containing age-old secrets and artifacts? If so, then hidden object games are exactly what you need! It’s time to wake up detective. Prepare to use your attentiveness to a maximum! This is a genre where a keen eye is the key to success. There are dozens of such games on our site with excellent graphics and exciting gameplay. Each of them is a separate colorful and gripping story that will definitely keep you occupied for hours! Are you ready to test your attention span and ingenuity? If so, let’s begin!

How attentive are you?

The main goal of any hidden object game, as can be figured out from the name of the genre, is to discover various items concealed meticulously on the level. Doing that won’t be simple – you either need to single out the needed objects among a whole pile of others that are irrelevant for the plot or search the entire room looking for secret niches, checking out the contents of each drawer and shelf until you get hold of what you need. And this might take a while. In some games, your time is limited, so you have to do everything fast. In a hurry, it’s very easy to skip some places and therefore fail the task. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of attempts to reach the desired result! The main thing is to be persistent and learn from your mistakes. If you try hard enough, you’ll eventually pass even the most difficult levels and will be able to find out how the entire story ends!

Find every last piece!

Searching for hidden objects isn’t very interesting if it’s not part of some exciting plot. And games from this category are made to entertain you not only with the gameplay itself, but also with all kinds of storylines behind it. Just idly looking around the room is one thing – and it’s totally another when you have to get out of imprisonment before the evil wizard who put you here comes back! Or you may need to locate and put together some sorts of magic stones to save the world. Or pieces of the map that leads to a long-forgotten tomb packed with gold. You just need to pick a setting to your liking and enjoy the process! Can you find everything that is hidden? Let’s find out!