Free online games in the RPG genre are one of the most popular genres entertainments among gamers of all sorts. After all, this is a huge world where people, elves, angels, demons, undead and other races live in peace and war, where good triumphs over evil and there are always amazing adventures and trials waiting for you – that you will definitely overcome like any true hero!

Plunge into an epic story and save the world!

The whole concept of RPG keeps evolving and merging with other genres. Not so long ago, a typical hero would be a muscled, agile man with iron will and noble heart. But now the standards are much wider and it can be just about anyone – for instance, some sort of an amazon or witch. She is gentle, she is beautiful, she is the embodiment of femininity itself, however, behind all this hides a real warrior who is not afraid of any demons, despite their size and capabilities. The main character can be an outcast of some race, with a dark past and a questionable nature. But as they move through the story, we learn them in depth and start sympathizing with them. Besides, the best RPG plots imply some change in the hero – we can witness his inner evolution and that makes it so much akin to the good old fairy tales we read as kids.

Equip and upgrade your character, explore the world, defeat your enemies!

The level of design and gameplay also stuns. First of all, the detailed drawing of not only the main characters, but the whole world is striking. Your character will really look so realistic and beautiful that you don’t even want to let them fight so that they are not accidentally crippled in the process. The storyline is constantly changing, and it is impossible to predict what awaits you next. Save the innocent, recruit the very best mercenaries, upgrade your character to defeat other players in the arena during the combats – and once again you will be able to make sure that playing online RPG games online is fun and exciting! This is your chance to become one of the best warriors on the platform. After all, these games exist not only to make you just play – they constantly hold championships and competitions where you put your fighters in the arena and prove to the whole world that you are the best of the best. Add the variety of equipment and skills, the ability to learn various moves and spells – and you get an absorbing pastime that you will want to continue on and on. Play our RPG games online and see for yourself!