Our life can is hardly any close to a never-ending holiday. As days go by, we are overloaded with all kinds of duties and worries that eventually start to work quite a number on our psyche. And from time to time we get so anxious, depressed and bored that nothing seems to give us joy anymore. If you feel that way, there is a great method to cheer yourself up – our great fun games! Time to wipe off that sad look from your face and put on a happy one because you’re about to have a wonderful time!

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Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Or at least something that can make you smile. Fun games will instantly make you feel at easy and put you in a good mood! They are distinguished by a lot of humor, dynamic story and charming visuals. Together with flat, square, black and white and caricature heroes you’ll find yourself in amusing situations as well as create ones on your own. So what are fun games exactly? These are angry red buttons, edible planets, fire-breathing bartenders, fat vikings and jolly toasts. Incompatibility of properties, plots and character looks becomes the basis of hilarious gameplay that will keep you stuck at your smartphone screen for hours. In the company of bizarre creatures you can enjoy a nice toilet bowl flight over the city, cook all kinds of crazy potions, run away from Frankenstein, beat up teachers, lose your clothes and much more. You won’t be able to predict what’s waiting for you in another game until you try it!

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Fun games are designed for carefree pastime, instant mood lifting and simply taking a break from your daily routine. Here you won’t be able to think a lot, take serious decisions or develop winning strategies. Sometimes they can be too simple, even primitive, but they remain incredibly entertaining and that’s their main appeal. Even a few minutes spend in this colorful, merry world will give you tons of positive emotions for the whole day. You can enjoy fun games alone or invite your friends to share the thrill. Vibrant graphics, unpretentious scenarios and cute heroes will guarantee you a good dose of delightful impressions. There are all sorts of amazing fun games on our site that deserve your attention. You just have to look through them and choose the one that seems most fun to you. Pick your entertainment for tonight and it won’t be long before you feel your bad mood vanish and your spirits rise again!