Equestria is the best place in the entire universe: this is a heavenly town, where colorful ponies live. The ponies value friendship, love, and kindness above all. They are here to spread these ideals all over the world! Will you join them today? Then come on and make your way to Equestria, where the ponies are waiting for you. They will have to find out more about life and other ponies and you are here to follow them in these journeys and learn something important as well. However, don’t you think that ponies’ life is all about that serious stuff! They also like to have fun, make parties, and play. In this section, we have gathered a large collection of pony games that will allow you to see their everyday life from all sides. You will enter the Pony Town and discover all the interesting locations there. Visit different places, see the houses, shops, and ponies who just do their everyday routine work. Isn’t that great? Jump in!

When watching the cartoon My Little Pony, you must have been thinking that creating your own pony might be a real fun. Gladly, you have such an opportunity now. In this section you will find a number of Pony Creators, including the rare one called V3. In these games, you will make your own pony! Choose the body shape, size, eyes, hair, and tail. Pick the colors of your little horsy and don’t forget to add a cutie mark! You can try creating the ponies you have already seen in a show. However, the best idea is to invent your own. What is more, you can even imagine yourself as a pony-character and create the one that might have looked like you! Also, you can become a pony barber in a salon. The horses will come to you and ask you to make their manes look beautiful. Brush them and make hairstyles – ponies like looking amazing! Also, you will find coloring books with hundreds of pony images here. Paint them into various colors and then post your masterpieces on social media pages or show them to your friends. If you have been dreaming of a pony-poster hanging on your wall – don’t miss your chance! Paint the pic, print it out, and voila – the pony poster is done. Also, you can pet one of the smallest ponies in Equestria and become a real pony-mom (or dad!). Your small cute pony will eat from your hands, sleep next to you, play with you, and grow bigger and stronger every day. You will see him or her becoming an adult with time. If you rather prefer adventures than coloring and caretaking, then you should try the Roblox version of My Little Pony. The fans from the platform has create a super-cool game for you and you cannot miss it if you are a real fan of ponies!