Some games allow you to decide on your own how the plot will develop. Undertale is one of them. The story is fascinating – you play for a child whose usual walk ended up in the underground world. He simply fell in a strange hole and could not get back. So now he needs to find a way to return home. But this adventure is going to be not so simple. Start it now to find out why!

Explore the underground world

When the first shock is over, the hero will have to look around and study this new location. Unfortunately, it is not safe at all. Soon, you will discover that this mysterious dungeon is full of monsters of all kinds and shapes. And you will not be able to avoid close interaction with them. You will need to get acquainted with almost each of these creatures to learn the required route. All antagonists are unique, and you will have to find a correct approach every time you meet someone new. For example, you will need to cheer up those who are sad and have fun with others. The main task is to interact with every stranger and learn as much as possible about him. It will help you to learn the monster better and understand what he wants. Do not worry – if you are attentive enough, you will find many hints on how to proceed. One of the winning features of Undertale is that every meeting with a new character is a separate story. It is a short adventure where you need all your logical skills to find a correct solution.

Peace or fight?

The key point of this story is that you always have a choice – kill the monsters you meet along the way, or try to negotiate with them. If you take the time to go through a short tutorial, you will realize the fact that you can try to talk to monsters. There are many situations when your enemy will turn out not to be dangerous. Honestly, violence is a big disadvantage of the game. If the player decides to destroy everyone he meets on his way, the ending may be really painful for him. Thus, always try to make friends with every new personage you come across. If the player still decides to kill all the monsters, he steps in the way of aggression. In this case, you will go through the Genocide route, and its ending is going to be creepy. After each fight, the environment will become less friendly – you will see empty locations and more and more dangerous antagonists. If the player chooses to kill randomly, he will still have to be responsible for all committed crimes sooner or later. What way will you choose? Start playing to find it out!