Crab Game

Game description:

Many new online games have been inspired by thrilling Squid show on Netflix. It turned out that thousands of people are ready to repeat the deadly hurdles the characters of the series went through. So are you ready to get some thrills in a Crab game that invites only the most courageous players? The plot is very similar. Again, a group of people with financial hardships is going to compete for a cash prize that would instantly solve their problems. To become a winner of this reward, they agree to participate in silly children’s entertainment. Nothing seems suspicious at first. But these illusions will be dispelled very soon. It shortly turns out that you have only two options in this competition – you win or die. No one can cancel the contest now. All players are literally trapped. They now understand why there are so many armed guards around. So they need to start the game, following all the rules without fail.

Everyone will understand how dangerous is this challenge already in the first round. Here, all contestants have to cross a wide field. They are reminded of the rules of the old fun entertainment – you run only when you see the green light. And it is not a joke – the first victims were shot dead instantly after they moved when the red light was on. Are you still keen on the prize? But it actually does not matter – you need to continue if you want to stay alive. In the next round, you will be crossing the glass bridge. But you will realize the horror when you see how some players fell into the abyss, stepping on the wrong tile. Do you feel the blood run faster through your veins when you think what task awaits you next? If you still feel ok to go through these thrilling adventures, rush to start the deadly run with other players. But do not say then we did not warn you about danger!