Look at this careless fellow. His name is Henry Stickmin and he can’t live without adventures. To experience another jolt of adrenaline, he is ready to get involved in any kind of trouble. There won’t be a shortage of them in Henry Stickmin games, but luckily, you can always find a way out of any situation by making the right choice! The main feature of the series is that the storyline isn’t linear, but decision-based. At critical moments, you have several options of behavior and the one you pick will affect the further course of events. This way, you can get not just one, but several endings of the same story depending on the choices you make. Intrigued? Find out more playing our amazing Henry Stickmin games online!

How hard is it to rob the bank and escape from the prison?

The mishaps of our hero start when he decides to get rich overnight by robbing a bank. The bank stands in the middle of the desert and is very well protected. But that doesn’t stop the character from trying. He has various tools at his disposal that he can use to implement his daring plan. At first he tries to dig a tunnel, but explodes on a gas pipe. Then he decides to knock the gates out with a ram, but gets caught in the process. At attempt to blow up the wall with a dynamite leads to his death as well. Finally, he comes up with a lucky idea – he climbs into a sack with a dollar sign on it and simply waits for the collectors to come and carry him into the vault. That works, but as soon as he gets out, the siren goes off and he goes to prison! Now you need to get him out. That won’t be easy because there are so many options you can try and most of them lead to failure. However, you can still find a way to escape successfully through the window (but you need to choose the right equipment for that), break through the line of guards or walk out legally by hiring a good lawyer.

Will you work for the government or join the mutiny?

If you think that Henry Stickmin’s life started running calmly after that, you’re wrong! He also tried to rob other places, and the success of these enterprises depend solely on your choices. In the long run, he caught the eye of the government who decided to use his adventurous qualities to struggle with a secret underground organization. But since Henry is so freedom-loving, he might easily switch sides in the process and choose to join the bandits! Of course, that might lead to totally unexpected consequences, but you won’t find out until you play every alternative line of events through. Enjoy the crazy adventures and multiple storylines of Henry Stickmin games on our site!