There is a whole amazing life waiting for you on this marvelous island! You are going to join the friendly family of fun-looking characters living in this virtual city. Just look how much it has to offer! Wobbly Life is a giant sandbox that you can explore at will taking part in various activities and adventures, choosing a place to live and buying unique outfits for your hero. You will never get bored here! Are you ready to find out more about Wobbly Island and its inhabitants? Then let’s begin!

Explore, earn coins, have fun!

The game starts with a little story. As it turns out, your character is an avid gamer who spends all of his time at the computer. His granny doesn’t like it and wants to get some sense into him by knocking him out of home and sending him to live on his own. That’s how you end up in the street scratching your big yellow head and thinking what to do now. Don’t worry, you won’t be left without a place to live and some money! In Wobbly Life, it’s easy to earn coins. In fact, you can simply find them lying on the ground! Of course, they aren’t scattered just anywhere – you have to venture into the most remote corners of the map to discover the cherished chest full of gold.

But there are also other ways to do it. And one of them is to find a job. Yes, since it’s a simulator of a city, there are all kinds of things you can get paid for here. For instance, you can become a farmer and supply local residents with fresh vegetables and fruits. Or you can try your hand at writing news and hunting for gossip working at the central newspaper. You can flip burgers in a cozy cafe and wield barrels with toxic waste at the nuclear station. And even become a garbage man! Everyone here is paid decently, especially if you demonstrate diligence and responsible work.

Invite your friends and enjoy the thrill!

However, the most exciting part of Wobbly Life is of course the wide array of entertainments available on the island! If you simply go for a walk, you will surely stumble upon a variety of options to spend your time. And you can also invite your friends to share exciting emotions with you! The game supports up to eight people playing on the same map simultaneously. Together, you can go on incredible adventures, participate in various challenges and contests and generally have a lot more fun. Discover the great world of Wobbly Life games and enjoy your stay here!