Baldi’s Basics Full Game

Game title: Baldi’s Basics Full Game
Game description:

What is the hardest subject in school? Of course, math! Few people loved and understood it in their school years, for this it’s necessary to have a special frame of mind. Besides, in everyday life, all these formulas were of little use to us. But there is nothing we could do about it, we had to sweat over homework and get ready for the exams. Math was especially hard for those who were unlucky to have a bad teacher. Like Baldi. This game will give you a chance to refresh you old knowledge and try your hand at solving arithmetic tasks and equations. And if you fail, there is something much worse waiting for you than a simple D…

The reason children go to math classes with such horror is Baldi. This skinny, brutal geek keeps the entire campus in awe. He won’t patiently explain complex theorems to you or suggest how to solve the task correctly. Actually, he is just waiting for you to make a mistake. Incorrect decisions make Baldi really furious. And you can’t predict when he will have another outburst. He won’t wait long to hit you with his pointer. And you shouldn’t either! Jump from your chair and run out the door, rush across the campus, slipping into the corridors and winding along the stairs. There is only one goal – not to fall into Baldi’s hands!

The campus is a fairly large location. There are many places where you can hide and wait out the danger, and many passages that will save you at the last second. But Baldi won’t lag behind that easily, so you have to stay in motion all the time, looking around carefully. Your mission is complicated by the fact that you can leave school only after filling out seven notebooks scattered around the campus. And for this they must first be found. Another threat can be waiting for you at every turn. Hooligans stumble around the school, they won’t let you down the corridor until you give them a candy. Other students try to talk to you and involve you into various activities – don’t let them distract you for too long, Baldi can be close. In addition, you can bump into a director who won’t praise you for running around the school during the lesson and will put you under lock and key. If you fail to complete all the tasks before the end of the school day, or if Baldi gets to you first, you will have to start all over again. Explore the school, use various tricks to deceive Baldi, show dexterity and mathematical savvy – and you are sure to get out of this terrible place without feeling Baldi’s anger on your own skin!