As you set foot inside this abandoned kindergarten, a cold shiver trickles down your spine. It’s quiet, empty and dusty, and the once-bright colors of the walls and toys have faded to a hauntingly dull hue. You can’t help but wonder what could have possibly happened here to leave it in such a state. That’s exactly what you’re going to find out playing Garten of Banban!

Explore the map, find clues, solve puzzles!

Prepare for an adventure that’s both creepy and full of surprises! Moving through the dimly lit hallways, you start to notice that something is off. The toys scattered around seem to be watching you with a lifeless gaze, and the walls appear to be closing in on you. Continue your exploration – and soon you will come across a series of puzzles that need to be solved. They can be of any sort – for instance, a matching game where you have to find pairs of toys that are lying around the room. Another puzzle involves arranging blocks in a specific order to open a secret door. Each riddle you solve brings you closer to uncovering the mystery of what happened here.

But as you delve deeper into the building, you begin to realize that you’re not alone. The evil mascots, once thought to be mere toys, are stalking you, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. They appear innocent at first, with their cute and cuddly appearance, but their true nature soon reveals itself as they spring out from the shadows, their razor-sharp teeth gleaming in the dim light.

Stay away from the evil mascots and get out with your life!

To make matters worse, the maze-like structure of the building makes it hard to navigate, and you never know what’s around the next corner. That’s where your trusty drone comes in handy. You can send it to explore the distant parts of the building, collecting vital information and avoiding danger. And you won’t feel so alone with it by your side!

Eventually, you will begin to piece together the events that led to such a state of things in Garten of Banban. You’ll discover that the evil mascots were once the children’s beloved toys, but somehow they transformed into the monsters they are today. And now, they will stop at nothing to protect their cursed realm from intruders like you. In the end, it’s up to you to solve the final puzzle and escape the clutches of the murderous beasts. One thing is for sure – you’ll never forget the terror and mystery that lurk within these haunted walls! Good luck!