The jungle is in danger. An army of evil Bloons is making their way through the tropical forest. And even though they may look as innocent colorful balloons, they’re up to no good. It’s your job in Bloons TD to stand tall against them and gather your army of brave monkeys with all kinds of skills and abilities to defend your home!

The Bloons are coming!

The enemy you’re up against is dangerous and treacherous. Red Bloons, blue Bloons, even Bloons that wear shades – they’re all out to getcha. They’re marching along a twisty path, hell-bent on reaching their destination. But fear not, because you’ve got a trick up your sleeve – a whole arsenal of monkey towers! Your mission is to strategically install them along the path to pop those Bloons into oblivion. You start with simple dart-throwing monkeys, but they’ that’s just the beginning. As you pop Bloons and rack up the monkey moolah, you’ll unlock new towers, upgrades, and powers that’ll make your ape troops the stuff of legends.

Motley monkey crew to save the day!

Each tower has its own unique abilities. From sharp-shooting snipers to explosive bomb throwers, and even apes that hurl boomerangs like a boss – the choices are as diverse as a monkey’s fruit platter. And don’t forget those special abilities that can freeze, explode, or even summon tornadoes to give those Bloons a taste of their own medicine! But wait, it ain’t just about placing towers and watching the fireworks. You’ve gotta plan your moves, position your towers, and time your upgrades just right to unleash a Bloons-popping bonanza. As you progress, the Bloons become tougher, faster, and sometimes even sneakier, with camo and lead varieties that require special towers to defeat. So stay on your toes, monkey commander!

Don’t give up a single inch of your turf!

There are lots of picturesque and colorful battlegrounds from you to defend. From lush tropical paradises to icy tundras and even wild wastelands, each map presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. Bloons will take different paths, and it’s up to you to figure out the best tower placements to create a maze of monkey destruction. So gear up, get popping and prepare for a vibrant, chaotic tower defense extravaganza like no other! Bloons TD is all about strategy, monkey madness, and the sweet satisfaction of watching your enemies go kaboom! Let’s go, monkey warriors!