It’s such a shame to waste your free time indoors in the middle of spring! The weather is perfect to have some air and enjoy the first warm days together with your friends. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 raging out there, it’s simply unsafe to go outside too often, let alone hang out in big companies. Are you afraid to get infected with coronavirus too? Do you stay at home all the time and feel depressed about it? There is no need to die of boredom anymore because you can entertain yourself with our great COVID-19 games!

Quarantine can be fun too!

The whole world is going crazy about coronavirus right now. It’s everywhere: on TV, in social media and even in causal conversations. With all your favorite places shut, studies and work suspended and you spending your days cooped up inside your apartment, getting through this period can be pretty tough. And while everything that’s happening is really serious and disturbing, you don’t have to be grave and agitated the whole time. Actually, now is a good moment to unwind a bit and approach the problem from a little lighter perspective – for instance, by playing COVID-19 games online! This way you can stay on track and have fun at the same time! There are plenty of virtual activities and cool scenarios dedicated to coronavirus out there for you to try. You can test out your survival skills and see if you can get through the wave of a global infection, become a doctor and cure patients admitted to the hospital with this terrible diagnosis or sweep through a supermarket stuffing everything you see in your cart before the store runs out of products. Choose anything that seems relevant and fun to you and get started!

Get through COVID-19 with thrill!

How can you possibly contribute to struggle with COVID-19 sitting at home? It’s easy – you just need to launch one of our games, put on a white robe and start giving vaccines to sick people! They’ll be arriving at the hospital in great numbers and you must treat each of them before it’s too late. Some of the patients won’t have coronavirus, they’ll come in with a regular flu. Don’t forget to run some tests before wasting precious medicine on those who don’t really need it! If you feel like a real scholar, you can try your hand at inventing an antidote for COVID-19 that will instantly deal with this nasty decease. But maybe you’ll find it more entertaining to simply embark on a crazy stock-up among other desperate buyers! Launch these colorful and exciting games right now and forget about negative emotions for a while!