Stumble Guys is an action-packed multiplayer game, some sort of a race royale, where you have to outrun your rivals in a series of contests and get to the finish line in the first batch to proceed to the next round. After a few such rounds, the number of participants will become much scarcer and the level of tension will grow. Are you ready to begin?

Wild contests, tricky levels, lots of fun!

Each of the sessions in Stumble Guys includes up to 50 people. Most of them will be real players – the system will wait for a certain time until there is the needed number gathered in the room to start a match, and then fill the gaps with bots. However, the majority of the funny-looking characters you’ll see on the screen will be controlled by live people just like you, so don’t expect you will be able to fool the AI with some unpretentious maneuvers!

The game consists of several rounds that are all different, and you won’t know for sure what kind of a trial is waiting for you next. That makes it more unpredictable and fun to play Stumble Guys. The levels resemble obstacle courses created by some sick imagination. There are all kinds of hurdles to overcome – you will have to maneuver between traps, break through doors hoping that another one will turn out to be open and you won’t ricochet several meters back, hopping through giant loops hanging in the air and balancing on thin bridges risking to tumble down any moment. All this time, you can’t afford to slow down because your opponents will quickly outrun you – and you have to be careful not to get knocked off the track by one of them!

Leave your opponents far behind and get to the finish line among the first!

Yes, in Stumble Guys dirty tricks aren’t only allowed – they are what makes the gameplay so fun and hilarious. The players will be trying to throw each other off the course and push those nearest to them into a trap to make them lag behind and thus increase their chances of victory. And you should follow the same tactics! If you fall, you’ll have to start over from the last checkpoint, and that means ‘being late’ to the finish line. But don’t worry, everything can turn around any moment – as we already said, this game is very unexpected! You can play it against random opponents or invite your friends to share the fun. Plunge into the amazing gameplay of Stumble Guys online and try your luck in another round of crazy contests!