Have you ever wondered what kind of life does a goat have? Probably not, but these games will give you a chance to find that out! Goat Simulator will put you in the skin of a mere goat who has spent his entire life at an old farm, but got bored of it and now wants to see what lies beyond the fence. Together with him, you’ll have a lot of fun and cause a lot of chaos on your way through the countryside and to the big city!

Get away from the farm and off into the big world!

Goat Simulator games start by showing you a typical farm setting. There is a barn, a lawn where your character and other animals graze, a few trees and other stuff you can usually see in the country. All of that is surrounded by a fence. And breaking through that fence will be one of your first goals. Well, before you do that you’re free to wander around the rancho and try your hooves and horns on a variety of objects and even living creatures. Our goat is a rather perky guy. So he won’t hesitate to go ballistic on everyone who tries to stop him. Or simply destroy something because you can and because it’s fun. There are plenty of discoveries, challenges and adventures waiting for you ahead!

Have a goat kind of fun and cause chaos around you!

So what exactly are you going to do on your journey? A lot of things. First of all, being a goat is physically very different from being a human. You move on four legs, and that involves totally different balance. And even though you won’t have to do it literally, some tasks like keeping walking on just your two hinder legs for a certain time may turn out to be rather tough to complete. There are lots of such tasks in Goat Simulator, some being silly and absurd, some looking suicidal (like running into a gas station at full speed and causing it to explode).

The latter may seem like accomplishable only by some sort of a super goat. And yes, in this game you can gather quite a good deal of upgrades that will increase your speed, power and other characteristics and also give you some supernatural abilities. So by the moment you arrive at the city, you will be able to wreck real havoc on the unsuspecting streets. Packed with cars, people and buildings, they offer a much larger scope for destructive experiments than quiet suburb neighborhoods. Start playing Goat Simulator right now, choose one of the many games to your liking on this page and see for yourself!