Mr. Hopps Playhouse games will invite you to try your courage and persistence in a real horror quest. You’ll be playing as a little girl who is afraid of her plush bunny. She thinks he is hunting her, so you’ll have to find a way to deal with the evil toy before it gets to you!

A toy on the outside, a monster inside …

This story began with an innocent purchase of a gift for a beloved granddaughter. When her grandmother handed Molly a cute white rabbit, she was overjoyed. At first, the girl didn’t part with the toy. She named it Mr. Hopps and kept the hare with her at all times. However, he still disappeared somewhere every night, and in the morning the heroine found him in the most unexpected places. And then something was wrong with her grandmother. The old lady has gone naturally mad and had to be sent to a mental hospital. Molly was left completely alone, because her parents were very busy, they had no time for her. And then Mr. Hopps has shown his true face…

Molly woke up one night with strange noises. It seemed to her that someone was scratching her bed. Indeed, when she turned on the light, she found deep scratches on the headboard. And again the rabbit was not in place. Is it really his fault? Could he drive his grandmother crazy so that no one stood between him and the granddaughter? Molly doesn’t know the answers to these questions, but she is scared to be alone in the room. Perhaps there is a way to deal with Mr. Hopps once and for all? Maybe the grandmother knew something? So the first thing you need to do is to get to her room!

Be careful and smart!

When moving around a dark and sleepy house, be extremely careful. With the help of its long ears, the bunny can hear everything that happens in the farthest rooms. Try not to make a lot of noise, jump over objects lying on the floor not to trip over them. Remember that Mr. Hopps is waiting for the right moment to attack and is even capable of cunning. For example, he may pretend to be your own grandmother, who supposedly returned home. But as soon as you throw yourself into her arms, she will turn into an evil hare, and you won’t be able to dodge his grip!

Get ready for a thrilling stealth adventure, solving various puzzles and finding items that you may need in your fight against the insidious toy! Intense atmosphere, cute and thus even more eerie graphics, intriguing plot – all this won’t let you get off the screen as you play Mr. Hopps Playhouse!