One of the best ways to scare a person is to take something that he or she knows and perceives as nice and cute, then take something that makes him or her shiver from fear and mix these two. Well, this is what the developers of amazing and blood-shilling horror Slendytubbies have done. Here you will meet strange and monstrous versions of famous teletubbies that are now mixed with the main nightmare of all children (and adults, we guess) – Slenderman. Such a cocktail cannot leave anyone indifferent. All in all, you remember tubbies as adorable and funny guys associated with joy and childhood. At the same time, Mr. Slenderman is a horrible guy that kidnaps children and leads them to the forest of endless fears, pain, and nightmares they can never leave. And then he kills them. Well, it is really hard to imagine what a horrible mixture they can make. But now you don’t even have to imagine anything like this – you are welcome to see these monsters with your own eyes and try to stay alive after such a meeting. This won’t be easy, but we hope you will manage to survive.
The plot takes place on the land of teletubbies, where you are going to play for Poe. Everything starts idyllically – the sunny day starts and you are going to deliver the cream for cake to treat other tubbies. However, when the night falls, you realize that your friend Tinkie-Winkie is absent and you start searching him. He is gone somewhere and you decide to find where he is. You can wake other teletubbies up and go for searches together or leave the house on your own – the choice is yours. Once you leave the house, you have to investigate the near-by places only to see that your friend stuck at the lake. Something is wrong with your friend – his eyes are red and he screams like crazy. He runs after you with an intention to tear you into pieces and you realize that this is not Tinkie-Winkie anymore. He seems to be infected by some kind of a virus. Then you come back home and see other characters killed in a brutal and horrible manner. You realize that the most nightmarish adventure is in front of you.
The idea of the game is that the teletubbies become slednytubbies, horrible monsters that kill everyone they can see. There is only one aim you have here – try to survive and understand what is happening here. Meeting an infected teletubby means death! So run away from them and try to get rid of Tinkie-Winkie before he murders you. Be sure that the game has a lot of bloody and shocking scenes to scare you with. This won’t be easy, but we hope that you can manage this and keep your nerves unharmed and your hair not entirely grey!