The Sims must be the most popular real-life simulator game in the world. The franchise was launched in a distant 2000 year and new parts continue to emerge till these days, attracting gamers of all ages and providing them with an incredible experience. Thousands of copies of Sims and similar titles were created by other developers, who tried to make something equally successful and profitable. This must be the best proof that Sims is one of the most appreciated games in the entire history. In each part of the series, players are welcome to take on the arrangement of the life of an individual or even an entire family that can grow with time. Everything starts with a small amount of money in player’s wallet and a piece of land to build your house on it. The task is to create a dwelling and settle the family life there.

You will start with a modest shack and a small amount of family members (one or two). With time, a player will gain more capabilities to make things significantly better. The career growth of the characters is one of the main aspect that can influence their well-being. It is influenced by such indicators as intelligence, strength, education and many others. Each of these skills and traits should be developed during the game process. As it is not difficult to guess, each character is unique and has his/her own type of personality, just like the real people do. So if you want him or her to learn better and to boost his/her career and education, you won’t just force him/her to do so. Making a character sitting over the books day and night just won’t work. You need to feed the family members, arrange parties for them, lead them in a shower and put them to bed.

In a word, you take a full responsibility over their life and daily schedule, tracking their levels of joy and dissatisfaction. Saying that you are going to be their mom or dad is not so relevant, because you are almost like a god for them. An invisible power that encourages them to do this or that… Still, they have a certain degree of a free will. That’s why you don’t have to overdo with your care, because this will influence character’s personality hardly. Instead of an educated and well-behaving intellectual, you can get a brazen idler! So your aim is to keep things balanced, motivate your sims to make more money, learn, and improve their living conditions. We have gathered a full list of Sims titles on this website, so you can try both the old versions and the newest ones. They are free!