If you want to set out on a fantasy adventure and challenge hordes of dangerous enemies, welcome to Slugterra games! They will take you to a mysterious kingdom inhabited by slug slingers – special people who dedicate their lives to slugs and their battle use. You too can get the hang of this military art! All you have to do is give it some time and persistence. A thrilling journey with unexpected events is waiting for you, so don’t waste any more time, start playing!

Shoot slugs, collect coins!

The main hero of Slugterra games is a teenager named Eli who continues the mission of his father catching and training slugs – creatures that look like funny insects. These beings possess various capabilities based on five elements. Some of them can use the energy of flames, others know how to wild the power of water and so on. There are also other things they can do – the effects of slugs are countless. You’ll find out more about them while playing!

The gameplay is basically isometric action with RPG elements which all looks pretty interesting. The character walks across various locations and destroys his enemies. He can shoot slugs from slings and blasters to kill enemies and crush boxes and then pick up coins falling out of them. Before you set out on a mission, you can customize different parameters – for instance, choose a companion. At the beginning, it’s just Eli’s old friend, Pronto. He isn’t particularly strong, but very agile which can be used to advantage in the fight. Later you’ll gain access to other companions as well.

All kinds of cool effects!

The key feature of the game is slugs. Their variety is stunning. They all have different names and unique skills. Some slugs set the aim on fire, others poison it, there are those who explode near the opponent or catch them in a web. You can’t shoot slugs infinitely – there should be some time to recharge. However, if you use food that you can get for successful completion of tasks or buy in the store, you don’t have to wait. Besides, Eli can buy armor and stock up on first aid kits and other useful items. You’ll have to restore health in almost every mission, so this is the first thing you should take care about.

You can never get bored playing Slugterra. The action grows hotter and hotter and there are so many amazing colorful locations to visit that it’s a pure pleasure for your eyes. Discover the riveting features of our Slugterra games and see if you can overcome all the dangers waiting for you ahead!