Sometimes we get bored with everyday reality and want a way out of our daily routine. At such moments, we turn to the world of online games that are so vibrant and exciting. And Gacha Life is one of the best options you can opt for! This is a colorful and fascinating sandbox where you can create your own character and turn him or her into anyone you like. But that’s only a beginning because there are plenty of entertainments and fun stuff waiting for you ahead! Are you ready to plunge into this amazing world and discover all of its perks? Then choose one of our great Gacha Life games and start your adventure!

Create a character from scratch!

The game begins with avatar creation. This is a delightful and entertaining process on its own. You can customize the slightest aspects of your hero’s appearance, select a gender and skin color, change their facial proportions and body shape. Every detail can be adjusted until you’re fully satisfied with the result. Once you decide on the general looks of your character, you can proceed to selecting an outfit. For that purpose, Gacha Life offers a tremendous assortment of options. You just need to scroll through the menu to see dozens of clothing items and accessories that you can try on. That gives every player an ability to come up with a special look that they won’t see anywhere else in the game. Why, are there other players? Of course! It’s a social sandbox, so you will never be alone here and maybe you’ll even manage to make some friends!

Play mini-games, shoot cutscenes and find new buddies!

So now your hero is ready and you want to get to the gameplay. You won’t be short of options! There is a multitude of various contests, mini-games and other cool things running in Gacha Life on a daily basis. Here you can earn coins to unlock new outfits for your hero, compete against other players and spend a great time no matter what you’re doing.

There is also an ability to shoot your own mini-movie. You can choose the background and lighting, customize the scene to your own liking, choose the characters that are going to take part in it and even right dialogues for them. After everything is done, you can watch the short video made with your own hands and share it with your friends to learn their opinion. As you can see, there are a lot of wonderful things you can enjoy in Gacha Life games and it will never get boring because you are in charge of the whole process! Join this awesome sandbox and live a life of your dream!