Red Ball is a series of games about the adventures of a very special hero. He is just a red ball, he has no legs, but he loves traveling. On his way, he will have to overcome a great number of hurdles and dangers. And every time he has some noble goal – either to save his girlfriend from the hands of kidnappers or save an entire kingdom. If you love arcades with elements of puzzles, welcome!

The restless adventurer

Our ball can’t sit in one place. He is constantly on the move. All the time he has to roll, jump, dive and even hang in the midair. His path is full of obstacles and traps. He has to maneuver between sharp thorns, dodge the stones falling on him from above and generally stay on his guard. Be careful and ready to hit the buttons any time to cope with all the difficulties that the developers have prepared for you!

But that’s not the only thing you should beware of. The evil black squares are always hunting you. They are the main enemies of your folk, they want to enslave your kingdom and turn everyone in it into squares just like them. The land that’s so smooth and completely void of sharp angles just can’t live like that! So sometimes the thing at stake is rescuing the whole country and making sure this grim fit doesn’t befall you and other balls. The black squares are cunning and aggressive. They will be attacking you as you move down the road. Luckily, there is a good way to deal with them – you just have to jump on their flat heads!

Avoid traps and score points!

The game is based on how well you pass the level. That means how many bonuses you managed to collect while moving through it. Golden stars will be waiting for you all over the way, sometimes you will have to deviate from your route and get into a hard-to-reach place. But that’s part of the exciting gameplay that makes the whole thing much more interesting. As you progress, the traps become more insidious and you have to show quick reaction along with some logic because sometimes you need to plan your actions a few steps ahead when you can see a particularly tricky patch of the path lying in front of you.

There are plenty of Red Ball games all differing in settings and plots. But every time the goal is the same – you have to pass as many levels as you can with as many points as possible. Plunge into the adventures of our charming hero, travel far and wide in his merry company and enjoy every minute of it!