It is hard to find a better multiplayer shooter than Counter Strike and we know that you have been waiting for this to happen. Finally, the best version of this title is at your service – Global Offensive is already here and you are welcome to choose the side to fight for. Will you be a terrorist or a soldier of a special defensive squad? Everything depends on you. Just make sure that you fight courageously and desperately! Choose you character, gain weapons, equip yourself and get ready for a deadly battle where you will have to strike or get killed. This will become your most favorite game ever for sure. And we have already prepared the best version of it and a number of other parts as well, so you will have a full pack of CS games at hand. Be sure that all of them are free, full, and entertaining. This is your source of endless fun and competitive battles that never stop.
The battle starts with your choice of the side to fight for – terrorists or soldiers. If you feel like you want to defend the city from the terrorists and save poor people captured by them as pawns, then you should stand as a soldier and try to defeat the enemies with all of your capacities. At the same time, you are free to play for an evil and desperate representative of terroristic organization. Choosing this position, you will place a bomb and capture citizens. The severe fight will start right after you join the server. It is a great chance to compete with real people online – they act naturally and can do mistakes, so you can trick them and build various attacking strategies. You will have to take care of your ammunition – the weapons and defense can be found on the map, so you are welcome to check it out and get yourself some goodies before the hottest part of the battle starts. Also, there are health kits to be found and you may use them to treat your character if he is wounded.
The game is based on struggling and cooperation. You will have to communicate with other players, using online chat and even voice connection. This will help you organize our actions and act as one whole. The task is to stand against the opposing team, shoot, and make your plans implemented in life. If you are a soldier, then your mission is to find and destroy the bomb before it explodes. Also, you should help captured people and set them free. Accordingly, playing as a terrorist, you have to place the bomb and keep pawns captured. The team that defeats all the rivals will win the battle.