Head Ball is a new football game with bright graphics and its own league where you can compete with other players tete-a-tete. Instead of a whole team, there are just two players on the field who are trying to drive the ball into each other’s goal posts. Hopefully, you’ll be able to score more points than your rival!

Fascinating PvP football matches online!

What are we looking for in football simulators? They have to be vibrant and exciting. You should be able to feel the atmosphere of the game and get really involved in the whole process. And regardless of whether it’s so realistic that you actually forget about sitting in front of your computer and feel as an actual participant of the events or just a clumsy cartoonish simulation, it surely has to be fun. All these things are present in Head Ball!

Here you can invite your friend to join you for a short match or search for a random opponent online. The system will choose a rival approximately of your level. Then the match will start. You are going to see your own character on one end of the field in front of your goal post while your rival will be standing on the other end protecting their own goal. Each of you needs to try and score as many goals as possible to win.

Outmaneuvering your opponent will require not only sheer reflexes, but also tactical skill. Since you’re the only player in your team, you can’t rely on your teammates’ help. And you have to calculate all the movements and trajectories precisely to make a successful shot, as well as make at attempt at predicting the psychology of your opponent.

Rise on the leaderboards and become a champion!

Every match you run in Head Ball gets documented in your personal history. All of your results are saved and your rating is defined accordingly. So the more you play and the more you win the higher your chances to find your name on top of the leaderboards. You can also compare your results against those of your friends or simply other players which should give you motivation to strive for better performance.

Victories will also bring you various rewards. But most importantly, you’ll be gaining experience that will allow you to get a better understanding of the controls and tactics in particular and the game in general. Choose your Head Ball game for today, enjoy the amazing mechanics and the colorful visuals, compete with your friends and random soccer fans from all over the web, move up the leaderboards and simply have fun!