Get ready to be amazed at the resilience, dexterity, fantastic abilities to disappear and appear again unexpectedly, to wield the weapons and your own body of legendary ninjas! A session of online ninja games will show you the secret tricks of these warriors. They are hired for the most dangerous tasks, and when you take control of a fearless samurai like that, you yourself will feel every nuance. They seem to come out of the shadow and merge with it after the completed task. Silently sneaking up, they act with lightning speed. Their way of life is constant training, because the fulfillment of the assignment depends on it. Are you ready to become one of them?

What is a real ninja like?

Ninja is the one who hides and lurks. It is a hired assassin, spy, scout, spy and saboteur. Born and raised in Japan, these fighters were renowned throughout the world for their endurance, courage, and elusiveness. There is nothing worse than a meeting with a trained killer who has excellent control of the situation and his body. Ninjas are elusive and dedicated. They move with the grace of a cat, they can climb walls and disappear into thin air. They are hired when it is necessary to obtain information and deal with the enemy. They turn any item into a weapon, but preference is given to the traditional arsenal.

Be fast, alert and deadly!

For ninjas to remain invisible, their weapons must be silent. Therefore, in addition to traditional swords and bows, a special combat kit was developed. Often warriors disguise it as tools for agriculture or household use. By doing this, they achieve the effect of surprise when meeting the enemy. Now, when we are massively introduced to the warriors of the East from TV screens, and ninja games can be found in a huge assortment, they no longer seem so ominous. This only fuels interest in them, turning the killers into mysterious characters. You just want to look under the mask to see the whole face. On this site, you can play ninja games online, where there are many difficult tasks for you to complete. You have to conquer skyscrapers, jungles, fight against armies of opponents, robots and monsters. Use various weapons and look for an opportunity to replenish them with new items. Come up with with comfortable attack routes and safe escape paths. Become a real ninja and try to pass all the challenging levels waiting for you ahead!