What are jumping games? This is a huge layer of virtual entertainment that allows you to spend a great time and have fun! There are so many games in this category that every player will surely find a suitable option fitting their own specific tastes. The whole process is very simple – all you need to do is jump. But will you be able to cope with all the hindrances and trials? We’re about to find out!

Jump as high and far as you can!

This page contains a fascinating selection of dynamic jumping games where the main character needs to hop over enemies and various obstacles constantly moving forward. Usually the main characters are some fairy tale animals, monsters or superheroes. After all, they need to demonstrate extraordinary physical abilities to save the world! Online jumping games are well suited for active people who want a break from everyday reality. This category spans the majority of arcades in which the protagonist actively and quickly moves through a series of locations exploring their surroundings and proceeding from level to level. Almost all platformers are jumpers and often jumpers are also runners and shooters, which are one of the most common arcades that appeared in the days of the first computer games. In other words, jumping games are very diverse and everyone can discover something for themselves here!

Sports, platformers, adventures and more!

How can you start your acquaintance with this extensive genre? First of all, with the sports section. Jumping in sport is very common. It can be in length, in height, in water, from a springboard, on skis – you just need to choose what is closer to you and try your hand at establishing Olympic records. If sports seem boring, there are other entertainments to choose from. This includes all tasks for overcoming water and fire obstacles by jumping, rising in height by gradual movement from level to level, long walks with the collection of highly placed bonuses, space adventures with different gravitational conditions, underwater movements and treasure hunt.

You can jump anywhere and as anyone. Your character can be a monkey, a tiger, an alien robot, a scuba diver, an astronaut. And they must hop according to the conditions of the levels – up, down, sideways – in any direction, the main thing is to collect bonuses and pass the game. By the way, not all games of the sort are primitive platformers, some of them can be very original, and there are unique patterns. The goal of isn’t always the killing of monsters, there are quite peaceful jumpers with puzzles. Pick one and start playing!