Sally Face is an adventure game with elements of horror and puzzle solving with quite a weird main hero. After some terrible tragedy of his own, the little boy apparently got some supernatural abilities and started talking to ghosts. One of them urges him to uncover a crime that happened in the town many years ago. Will he be able to do it having the help of his new friends and of course yours?

Who is he and why is he wearing that mask?

So who is Sally Face? This nickname was given to the main character, a young boy who just moved to a new town together with his father, for a bizarre habit of constantly wearing a mask covering his face. Besides, he has a hair of blue color put together in two pigtails and is generally rather solitary and strange. During the gameplay, we see bits of memories lifting the veil of mystery over his (apparently) tragic past, but we never get a full picture. Well, that’s up to you to come up with your own version!

Anyway, despite his secluded character, Sally Face soon finds a bunch of new friends. These are all local boys that have their own background and personalities. We are about to find out some facts about them as well, adding to the whole atmosphere and the unhurried pace of the narrative. What’s more important, Sally meets someone he didn’t expect to see in his new place of residence – a ghost of a girl who died long ago. And not with her own death…

Sally Face and his friends set out on a murder investigation!

That’s when the game turns into a detective story. The ghost tells her sad story and pleads our hero to find the killer who remains undisclosed and lives in this town under the disguise of a good neighbor and a nice guy. Following a trail of clues, exploring the house and the whole town, enlisting the help of his new buddies, Sally Face has to reveal the truth.

This is not going to be easy. Or fast for that matter. The game is divided into several chapters, each focused on its own bunch of events and giving us a chance to get a better glimpse into the life of the locals, their troubles and joys, petty quarrels and age-old mysteries. You will surely enjoy this a little bit gloomy yet profound and intriguing game that will touch your heart as well as make you ponder on some existential topics. Start playing Sally Face right now, follow all the twists of this tricky story and see if you can set the soul of that poor girl at peace by unmasking her killer!