All people have a tendency to daydream and fantasize. At our leisure, we can imagine all sorts of things. Someone’s dreams are close to real life, and someone flies on the wings of imagination far, far, beyond this world, into completely different dimensions, where creatures unlike us live and epic events take place. If you are one of such romantic persons, welcome to our incredible fantasy games!

Fight with sword and magic!

Fantasy is a whole genre with its own laws. As a rule, the action takes place in the era of the early Middle Ages, when people lived in huge, severe castles surrounded by high walls and moats, and brave knights with fluttering banners left their gates to fight another enemy. This whole atmosphere plays an important role in the fantasy genre. But at the same time, books, films and games are flavored with another integral element – magic.

In this world there are not only fearless swordsmen and dexterous archers, but also sorcerers who know how to control various elements. Most often, the player is given several character classes to choose from, so you will be able to decide which weapon you wants to use. Or maybe you wish to devote your life to the study of spells that look so impressive on the battlefield? And it’s not a fact that your hero will be a human, because in fantasy games there are many other races with unique abilities. Dwarves and elves, even mythical creatures – all of them are of considerable interest in upgrading the hero and using broad tactical combat capabilities.

Choose a character and find glory!

And you will have no shortage of enemies! In fantasy lands, wars are constantly waged – either between kingdoms that can’t divide their vast territories, or against the monsters that have flooded the area. Sometimes the undead rise from the ground, marching through the fields and peaceful villages, killing everyone around and turning the flourishing lands to ash. And then there is no time for conflicts – everyone must unite to overcome a common threat.

By the way, in fantasy games you can play for the dark side as well – become a necromancer magician who can raise the dead from their graves or resurrect slain enemies forcing them to fight on their side, or a demon from the depths of the underworld. After all, the concepts of good and evil are relative, and only you can decide which camp to join. Dive into incredible adventures and become a real hero in our wonderful fantasy games!