Some stories develop in a very unpredictable way, immersing you in a flow of really mysterious events. But let’s start from the very beginning. You will play for a babysitter who needs to look after a little child for a few nights. His parents leave, and you stay alone in a big mansion. It seems like an interesting adventure, but things will start changing sooner than you expect and not in the right direction.

Do not stop watching the baby!

At first, this entertainment may look even boring. Where are the thrills and jumpscares? You deal with a lot of routine things – feeding the baby, checking and changing his diapers, sorting out the toys and playing with him. Nothing seems to be scary, but soon you will have enough of it all. You will start noticing some weird things. For example, you are sure the bottle with milk is in the fridge, but you find it on the table. And you definitely have switched off the light in the kitchen, but it is on again! What is going on? Besides, you have a strange feeling that the child is watching you in a very strange way. All your suspicions and fears were not groundless, as at some moment, the baby will simply disappear. Just a minute ago, your ward was in front of you, and now you cannot find him anywhere. You are simply horrified and should find him at any cost. He cannot leave the house as the door is locked. So he is somewhere around. The mansion is big and dull – it looks more than scary. However, you have no other choice but to explore all the rooms and corridors. And this is when the real horror will begin!

Will you manage to complete all the tasks?

You will have to examine each corner if you want to find the baby. But it seems, this little character has planned everything in advance! There are lots of different traps awaiting you behind every corner. But you should overcome your fears and move forward. Do not ignore different things you meet on your way – you have to interact with them all to find hints on what to do next. Be ready that the baby is not playing on your side and will try to stop you. Thus, you will face a lot of dangerous obstacles! The walkthrough contains a lot of puzzles and quests, and you must solve them all to continue. This place has a lot of secrets, and your role is to find the clues to all of them. What does this family try to hide? If you can cope with a lots of tasks, you will definitely dig out the truth. Have fun in this thrilling adventure!