If you had a magical gift and could control one of the elements, which one would you choose? Fans of Frozen will instantly answer: snow! Then you could build yourself an ice castle, conjure a twinkling snowflake dress and even breathe life into a snowman just like Elsa! The charming heroine of the Disney cartoon has melted not only the heart of her sister Anna, but also ours. If you too are enchanted with the story of two lovely princesses and their unbreakable bound that is stronger than any spells, you will definitely enjoy our fabulous Frozen games online!

New adventures, more magic!

Did you follow the story of Elsa and Anna with your eyes wide open and your pulse beating faster? Then you will eagerly join them in their new adventures! Something always happens in the fairy tale kingdom of Arendelle and the sisters have a lot of work to do. Help them deal with another trouble! Set out on a thrilling journey through magnificent woods and snowy mountains, perform various tasks and meet your favorite heroes from the movie! Olaf the snowman keeps enjoying summer days – just don't forget to keep the snow cloud over his head so that he doesn't thaw. Kristoff doesn't like it in the castle – he'd rather stay outside and enjoy another slay ride with his best friend, a reindeer named Sven. Each of them have their own unique character traits and skills that will come in handy during your trip. Use them wisely in dangerous situations to reach your goal and keep all the characters safe and sound! You should be especially careful with Elsa's magic – while she learned to control it, you know what might happen if it gets out of hand again…

Elsa and Anna need your help!

There are a lot of other Frozen games on our site that are a blast to play! You can try your hand at colorful three-in-a-row puzzles challenging you to pass dozens of tricky levels. Combine snow crystals to earn a maximum amount of points, unlock new characters and use their special powers to break the blocks more effectively. Young ladies will be fascinated with the ability to dress up their favorite heroines having a wide range of items from the royal wardrobe at their disposal. You can pick outfits for the sisters to let them shine at the Christmas ball or even help Elsa out with her wedding dress! The castle needs an overhaul too – Elsa and Anna decided that you will make a perfect designer who can turn their ancestral home into a real architectural masterpiece. Play our Frozen games online and enjoy your virtual stay in Arendelle!