Action and fire, cool weapons, split-second decisions and tons of adrenaline – you can find all this in shooters. There is hardly a person who haven’t played a shooter even once. If you ever caught your breath picking your aim and then fired off following the bullet with budged eyes, wondering whether it would hit the target or not – you definitely know what it is like to play one. Our site offers a huge collection of those for you to enjoy a multitude of scenarios and spend a riveting time!

Aim neat, shoot fast!

The most popular shooter category is of course military simulators, royal battles and games about special agents. There are plenty of weapons to choose from, including all kinds of pistols, shotguns, machine guns, even explosives and artillery. Using all that variety strategically can give you an edge over your enemy even if you are strongly outnumbered.

Some shooters are simply about fighting other players on a large map, typically with a shrinking safe zone to drive everyone together. All you need to do is get to the ammo fast and choose an optimal position for shooting at other participants. The last person who survives becomes the winner. Other games, however, have an intricate story and send you on one mission after another. All missions are unique and require you to use different tactics and approaches in order to increase your odds in a particular situation. You will be combating terrorists, capturing their bases, deactivating bombs and saving hostages. Or you can take the terrorists’ side and try to keep the special force troops away from your area as long as possible! For successfully completed missions you will get rewards that will allow you to upgrade your weapons and a chance to improve your position in the rating.

Warfare, zombies and more!

Raving about distant future? Grab a laser gun and set out to fight against extraterrestrials and mighty robots! Or see how it’s like to survive in an apocalypse combating hordes of zombies until you’re out of bullets. And if you aren’t really interested in modern warfare, you can indulge in medieval archery competitions and try to pull off classic tricks like cleaving the arrow that’s already in the target with another one or knocking an apple off your opponent’s head. And even if you miss, don’t worry – hitting an opponent will do just fine as well! Try out our online shooters and you’ll definitely find the one that perfectly suits your taste!