Longing for some action and adrenaline? In fighting games everything is allowed and everything is possible. Fight with your fists and legs, use different weapons, battle hooligans or attack by-passers. Nobody will accuse of you injustice because here there is only one law: if you're stronger, you're right. Even politics and celebrities will be defenseless if you don't like their image. You can start your very first online fight right now, just pick an opponent!

Relentless ninja or noble superhero?

There are plenty of genres and themes to choose from. Join the ranks of ninja and learn welding a sword and acquire secret martial skills. These invincible warriors train for decades to become true killing machines. For you it's enough to pass a few simple levels to reach perfection. You can compete with the legendary Mortal Fighters for the title of the champion or go on a secret mission against an outnumbering enemy. Perhaps you'll even get to fight side by side with the famous Ninja Turtles! Set out to protect underground tunnels and city streets from cunning enemies together with the four heroes.

The fights between super heroes are particularly exciting since they have inhuman power and paranormal abilities. Stand shoulder to shoulder with strong, agile and fearless comics characters. Feel the power of Thor's hammer, help Captain America deal with robots and assist Batman in his battle against monsters. Anime heroes also invite you to combat. Megaman, Naruto and others have come out into the ring to fight and win. They wield super modern weapons and magic, but most importantly, they are full of nobility and persistence no foe can break!

Fighting by rules… and without them

If you're fascinated with classic martial arts or boxing, you should definitely play one of the sports fighting games. Here you can repeat the tricks of Jackie Chang and Rambo, box with zombies, snowmen and even cows. Sumo and wrestling are very different, but equally fascinating. Thrilling multiplayer contests will find out who's the best fighter online. Even simple games like Stickman require you to have good reflexes and tactical thinking if you hope to defeat your opponents. In other words, fighting games are diverse and addictive! And you can make sure of that on our site. Look through our offerings, pick one of the titles and try your hand at riveting virtual fights against the most dangerous enemies!