Some teachers aren’t meant for their job. The really hate children and enjoy torturing them at their classes. Probably everyone had such a teacher at school and memories of this horrible person still haunt them until today. In this game, you have a chance to take your revenge on all teacher like that in history!

Drive your teacher crazy!

Scary Teacher is a quest stealth game where you play as a little girl who got fed up with her math teacher and decided to pay her back for all the trouble she is causing the kids at school. But what can you do if you’re just a small child? Well, at least you can pay a few evil tricks on Miss T in her own house! Of course, you have to get inside first – and make sure she doesn’t notice you as you sneak around preparing your grim surprises! Everything from replacing her shampoo with paint to putting a bomb into her cake works! The main thing is to make sure her life turns into living hell. And not to get caught in the process!

Once you step into Miss T’s house, the game will prompt you as to what you should do there. You’ll get a list of tasks you have to perform. To do that, you’ll have to make your way around the house and find various objects that are needed for successfully completing the quest. These objects may lie in different places, so you’ll have to move around quite a bit until you gather everything necessary for another prank. You have to be very careful because Miss T doesn’t leave her place for too long and can be back any minute. Most of the time, she will be at home, so you’ll have to pick the safest route to stay invisible.

Play tricks on Miss T and don’t get busted!

If you see her pass by, don’t wait for her to catch you in the act – look for a hiding! Miss T is very suspicious: she reacts to noises and also remembers the places she saw you at previously. So if you were busted once, don’t use the same patterns of behavior next time because your opponent will know what to expect from you! Miss T can also set up traps around the house trying to catch the intruder and you should keep that in mind while picking your step.

After all, you can simply try and run away from your teacher if she is obviously up to you and there is no point in hiding! Vibrant graphics, intriguing gameplay and lots of fun moments will surely raise your mood as you play Scary Teacher online. Embark on your little nasty adventure and enjoy the adrenaline pumping through your bloodstream!