K-Games Challenge

Game description:

Do you love extreme games where you need to move your fingers over the keyboard or tap the screen real fast to achieve the goal? If so, you just have to try K-Game Challenge! Here you will participate in a wide range of various trials that require both good reflexes and agility. The tasks will be different every time, so there will be no opportunity for you to get bored. So, let’s begin!

At first, you’ll have to run through a rainy level collecting green dots with medical emblems on them – they will increase your health. At the same time, you have to avoid red traps scattered throughout the map that will damage you. The main thing is to choose the trajectory of your movement right without stopping. At the end of the level, you will have to enter a fight and depending on how many green dots you have collected so far, you will either win or lose.

Another trial is jumping over square platforms in the right order. Before you begin, you will see some of them lit up with a green light. Those are the platforms that are safe to jump on. Don’t get mistaken, or you will fall into the abyss! Finally, you have to get through the tag-of-war level. Here you will be pulling on a rope trying to make it faster and more vigorously than your opponents. If you fail, you will be cut in half by a giant blade. Take part in K-Game Challenge and see if you can successfully go through all the trials prepared for you by the developers!