Do you love potatoes? You’re gonna love them even more after playing Brotato games! Here the main hero is actually a potato, but not any common one – he’s a true warrior ready to defend his home countryside from an army of horrible monsters! Under your guidance, he’ll surely be able to deal with all of them and collect enough experience to upgrade to an unseen level!

Potato on a hero mission!

So, you play as a cute and plump potato who’s been living a peaceful and simple life until the invasion of some creepy aliens. While everyone were running and hiding, he grabbed his gun and walked out boldly to face the space bastards. And you need to help him, otherwise our planet is doomed!

Our Brotato guy is always on the move. He moves around the map automatically, you just have to choose the direction. Your goal is to kill as many enemies as you can and level up to a maximum. You can also pick up boxes of loot that fall out of them when they die and see what’s inside between the waves, when you have a spare minute to upgrade your skills and revise your equipment.

Now, the enemies are as crazy as they come! You’ll face everything from green zombie-like creatures to killer robots to even UFOs! But don’t worry, you’re a spud with attitude, and you can handle it all. You have enough of weapon slots and enough of weapon options to put up a good fight. The rest depends on your reflexes and tactics!

Choose your class and your weapons!

The aliens will attack you in waves. At first, there are not gonna be too many of them. Just a bunch, and a rather sluggish one. Your goal is to kill them before they get to you and have a chance to do any damage to your character. It’s easy to do when you have such an impressive arsenal at hand! Since you can equip up to six slots at the same time, your Brotato will automatically choose a weapon that is optimal to use on a particular enemy from a particular distance. Melee and long-range, firearms and explosives – there is everything for an epic battle!

Oh, and you can also choose from different Brotato classes! Each of them has some amazing potato skills that will surely come in handy in the heat of the combat. And that allows for a whole lot of tactical diversity. So see, Brotato is not just another pixel shooter – it’s a very diverse and profound game, just as it is crazy and goofy. Start playing it right now, enjoy the adrenaline and save the world!