The Backrooms is a surreal escape room quest that unfolds in a rather disturbing environment consisting of endless yellow corridors and rooms that you have to enter and solve puzzles in a hope to get out. Moreover, there is a vile creature roaming the maze and you have to stay away from it too. Will you be able to exit this horrible place before you go completely paranoid? Let’s see!

Creepy, paranoid and thrilling!

Right from the start, you find yourself already in the labyrinth that reminds you of all those nightmares you woke up from panting and sweating, wondering if you’re still inside the dream or already in the safe everyday reality. There is nothing except a long row of doors along the walls covered with ugly yellow wallpaper. The lights are buzzing as you walk by, and that’s the only noise you will hear. All that can really play foul tricks on your mind, so there is a watch on your wrist that you need to look at every thirty seconds to stay sane. Now, when you know everything (although it’s not much) about this strange maze, you’re good to go. Hopefully, you won’t have to open too many doors before you stumble on the way out!

Solve puzzles and find an exit!

Behind each of them, you will find some kind of a puzzle that you have to solve. The Backrooms doesn’t give too many clues on how to do it. You will have to figure it out on your own trying different ways and means of making the objects you’re going to discover inside interact with each other. The controls are pretty basic and you won’t have to rake your brains on how to perform various manipulations in the game. There are just a few buttons you need for the character to move around in different directions and another button to interact with items. Even little kids will be able to understand that, although this game isn’t recommended for particularly young age because it can have a negative effect on a sensitive psyche.

Oh, and there is one more thing to add some extra thrill and paranoia to the game – an evil shadow that sometimes appears nearby and that you have to beware of. It’s not particularly tough, although you need to stay focused and remain alert to react to it approaching on time. Otherwise you may experience some not very pleasant effects! Start playing The Backrooms online right now and enjoy the incredible mix of intense emotions you are going to feel from the very first minutes of the game!