Poppy Playtime is a thrilling horror adventure where you will be exploring an old toy factory looking for clues and opening doors. However, you need to be careful because, although it seems empty, you’re not alone here. Horrible creatures are keeping their eye on you. Right now they’re just watching, but soon it might change … And then you will regret coming here!

Uncover the secret of the old factory!

At first glance, this is just an abandoned factory. There are many such buildings in the country, in the empty corridors of which there is only a draft. But there is clearly something wrong with the Playtime Corporation. Although the factory was abandoned many years ago, inexplicable things are still happening here. At night in the workshops the equipment turns on by itself, various sounds and noises are heard. You decide to understand what the reason is.

And so you go to the factory to figure out what the matter is. But what if some otherworldly forces are at work here? And is your life in danger? Yes, this is not an easy task. Moreover, the building is full of rooms that must be accessed by finding keys and picking up codes. And for this you need to search the entire building. Are you ready to risk your own life to reveal this secret? If yes, then welcome to Poppy Playtime!

Don’t fall into the hands of evil toys!

Who are your enemies in this game? These are revived toys, in which some evil force has infiltrated. Now these are not cute creatures entertaining children, but creepy monsters ready to tear you to pieces. You will meet several antagonists, each of which is dangerous in its own way. Here’s the company’s mascot, a blue shaggy toy named Huggy Wuggy. For now, he smiles, but as soon as he finds you alone, this smile turns into an animal grin.

The clockwork doll Poppy is no less aggressive. It looks like the best friend of any little girl, but she has a rather bloodthirsty nature. Be careful if you hear her mechanical footsteps nearby and her voice repeating programmed phrases! In addition, you will have to face an evil plush cat, a hungry dinosaur and a killer robot. Each of them will scare and attack in their own way. Therefore, be prepared for the unexpected, including the unpleasant. To say the least – deadly. But this is what makes the game so thrilling and intriguing! Play Poppy Playtime now and see if you can handle the plush monsters!