Squid Game Season 2

Game description:

Squid Game is an addictive battle royale action game inspired by the famous TV series. Here you have to go through various tests, the price of which can be your life. You will need to work both alone and in a team. Only the strongest and most agile players will reach the final level!

Your life is at stake!

This story begins on an ordinary day. The main character, on whom a huge debt hangs and he does not know where to get the money, walks down the street in despondency. And suddenly he meets a stranger who miraculously offers him exactly what he needs. It is possible to win a considerable amount, he says. This is enough to pay off all the debts of our hero, and he will still remain in profit. But for this you need to take part in one show. The stranger does not give any details, everything is very vague. But our guy has nothing to do, because at the appointed time he comes to the bus stop where the bus must pick him up.

However, on the bus, he falls asleep under the influence of some kind of gas and wakes up in another place. Around him are people in identical green suits. They all came here to participate in a mysterious game. In addition to them, there are also sullen-looking characters in pink uniforms and with machine guns in their hands. You will find out why they are needed here very soon. And you are unlikely to be happy about it…

Pass all the trials and win!

Squid Game will invite you to complete a series of tasks that at first glance may seem not so difficult. For example, what is difficult about cutting a cookie? However, you must follow the lines shown on the screen exactly to get the desired shape and you only have a few seconds. If the cuts are wrong or you don’t complete the task on time, the guys in the pink suits will shoot you. The guards will be present at every trial, so you won’t have a chance to break the rules.

It gets worse. You will find yourself on a huge field, at the other end of which there will be a huge doll. At the signal, she will begin to rotate her head and lasers will shoot out of her eyes, riddling the players to death. You have to choose the right trajectory to avoid being hit by the shots. You will also need to tug-of-war, risking falling onto a giant guillotine, jumping on crumbling platforms in exactly the right sequence, and many other dangerous and interesting things. Will you be able to cope with all the tasks? Let’s find that out!