When the very first io game saw the world, it became a real hit. An author from Brazil decided to publish his masterpiece on the anonymous Internet image board known as 4chan. Thousands of gamers were amazed by his ideas and talent. The first title, Agar, was a story of cells that grow when swallowing agar or other cells, played by gamers. The game was noticed and admired by public from the very first minutes of appearance. After that another incredibly popular title was launched, which was an improved version of a well-known snake-game we all know from our old cell phones. As you can remember, you play for a snake that eats fruits and grows larger. The aim is to grow as large as you can without hitting your own tail. No need to say how addictive this title is. The developer made a multiplayer version with amazing artwork and gameplay. The next blockbuster was an io title about tanks, where you have to develop your own war machine and defeat your enemies.

Today, we have a great deal of io games available. They are all different, but have some common features, those that attract fans again and again. For example, participants have to become bigger/better/stronger by gathering items or destroying others. Second, all of them are very jostle, since you have to fight against others on the arena and kill or get killed. What is more, io titles also include shooters you have to play from the first-person perspective. Some of the offered titles are highly-customizable, so you can add and adjust the elements of maps to your own liking. There is even a part about a black hole, where you take control under this dark mysterious substance and devour everything that appears on your way, which is incredibly funny. Due to the online multiplayer gameplay, you can join the public process and share it with gamers from all over the world. What is more, most of them are surprisingly minimalistic and stylish, still very good-looking.

Despite the fact that there is a great number of various io titles, you don’t have to dig across the Internet, trying to get them. We have already uploaded them to this site, so everything you have to do is to choose the one from the extensive list we are happy to present. All of them can be played right from your browser, so you don’t need to waste your precious time downloading and installing anything. Just click the one you would like to try and get ready to have fun! Just be careful – io titles are very addictive!