We are used that in sandbox games we create and build something. Most of the time, we get to construct various buildings or craft objects putting various blocks onto each other or combining different materials in the virtual workshop. Melon Playground looks the same at first. You are offered to create some kind of a scene using a wide range of elements that are available in the menu. But that’s only the first stage! Things get much more dynamic and interesting when you’re done with the constructive part and move on to the destructive one…

Sandbox vise versa!

Yes, Melon Playground is an unusual kind of a sandbox. Here you task is to build a scene, but in such a way that will allow you to destroy everything on the screen as epically as possible in the end. Once all is set, you will press the play button and the construction you just made will come to life. You will see the objects and characters interact with each other according to the rules you set. You don’t even have to directly participate in it, so make a cup of tea and enjoy the show!

Although the game looks rather simple and even primitive, it doesn’t strive to amaze you with some incredible graphics. Realistic visuals (or even physics) is not the point here. However, the elements of the scene do interact according to certain physical laws, so keep that in mind while working on the whole thing. What this game is really meant for is to simply have fun and blow off some steam when you feel like letting out a bit of negative energy that keeps building up inside us every day. So if feel particularly stressed today – Melon Playground will surely help you deal with that!

Cause chaos and have fun!

The game has a really simple interface. You won’t have to figure out how to play it for a long time. You just have to choose the desired elements – people, weapons, vehicles and much more – from the respective sections of the menu and drop them on the map. You can configure their positions and how they will be interacting with each other. That’s basically it! It’s much like being a film producer and staging some new hot blockbuster. Shootings, explosions, collisions – all of that opens up plenty of possibilities for those who want to discover the destructive potential of this awesome sandbox. So don’t wait any longer, start playing Melon Playground right now and enjoy every moment of this great game!