PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game everybody was talking about from the first day of launch. If you haven’t heard about PUBG yet or haven’t tried to play it, then you must be a staunch fan of consoles, or an ardent hater of every hype. You are going to play as a soldier, who parachutes over Erangel (a fictional island in the Black Sea) to try his luck and outrun a hundred people, pursuing a victory. The game will encourage you with a childish song: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” In this title, luck means a lot: there is always a place for annoying accidents. Gladly, this doesn’t make PUBG go absolutely random: efforts and strategy bring victory in spite of strong opponents as well as a pretty high degree of randomness.

PUBG is a session survival-shooter, which can be perceived as a real giant by today’s standards of game size, when it comes to the map and the number of warring players on it. The amount of gamers, who can join the process simultaneously is under a hundred. The plane flies over the island and unloads paratroopers over the map here and there. You can land somewhere far from the crowd to have enough time to move around alone and with relative safety. Just find some weapons (preferably AKM or M416) and get yourself a sniper rifle with zoom-sights. The map locations are different and some of them are richer for items than the others, so be ready that your opponents will also hunt for goodies. Remember that the most “delicious” locations on the map (military base, prison, bunkers and big cities) attract more adventurers. It is the most important task to go down first and acquire at least some weapon in such situations.

The game has an abundance of both firearms and body kits to it: handguards, silencers, compensators, enlarged shops, collimators, and more. When getting yourself guns and rifles, remember about the tools as well. It is more comfortable to shoot having such a body kit at hand. Depending on the point where you land, the first stage of the game can turn into either a cruel massacre that can be described as “a kitchen pan versus a shotgun” (because not all participants will manage to get enough equipment) or into a simulator of aggressive people, trying to carry as much objects with them and to fight the others, who are trying to get more objects. In both cases, you will surely warm your fingers up! Try a number of PUBG versions on this site and enjoy!