Genshin Impact is a thrilling anime RPG where you’ll travel to a world full of magic and adventures. Players will be amazed by high-end graphics, worked out battle system and plenty of weapons and equipment that you can wear. Aside from regular battle skills, you can also learn several schools of magic. Are you ready to plunge into the unknown? Then let’s begin!

In search of a lost sister

The game starts when we meet Ether and Lumin who are siblings. They are simply walking in the woods when some angry deity appears in their path and tells them something about how the human race is destroying everything around them and that their rule is over. Then she grabs the sister and disappears. And the brother ends up being pulled into some sort of a portal after which he finds himself in a totally unknown place lying outside our world. It is called Teivat, and here magic is real.

Having overcome the first shock, our hero meets some kind of a fairy called Paimon who will become his guide. She takes him to Mondstatt, a city where everyone worships the patron of the winds. You find out that there are seven elements in this world and each of them is ruled by a god. You can master the power of these elements and use it to defeat your enemies. But of course, at first you’ll only have an ability to control just a couple of them. The rest must be learned later.

A world you want to come back to

The first thing that is worth mentioning about Genshin Impact is the incredible visuals and the detailed world. Just take a look at the spectacular expanses lying at your feet! The map is just huge, it will take you days and weeks to explore it. And wherever you go, you’re sure to discover something new, to meet some interesting characters and to find a gripping side mission with its own story. Between the battles, you can have fun participating in cute dialogues with NPC and some of the characters you’ll get acquainted with can become your companions. You will actually be able to play as them during the combats which opens up more tactical opportunities.

The equipment of the character happens through opening loot boxes and spinning the gacha roulette. You have a chance to get some really rare and valuable items so the more frequently you enter the game the better. You will also need to spend a lot of time grinding since gaining experience is crucial for improving your parameters and skills. Immerse yourself in this wonderful anime adventure and enjoy every minute of it!