If you see this old woman cutting roses near her house with a gentle smile on her face early in the morning welcoming you with a tired nod of her head, you will never think how terrible her hobby can be. Prepare to get shocked – killing innocent people! Yes, she is only pretending to be old and weak. In fact, her strength is quite enough to briskly swing a heavy baseball bat and aptly smash it on the spot. Moreover, she has a good ear for her age – she is able to hear even the quietest creak of the floorboard across the entire house. Why do you need to know all this? If you don’t have a clue who you are up against, you won’t be able to win in this brutal and bloody game. Yes, it was you who became the next victim of a maniac in the disguise of an angel. And now you have only five attempts to get out of Granny’s house where she securely locked you until the end of the deadline. Are you ready to try? Then go ahead!

Explore the house and find the key

The game begins with the fact that you wake up in the middle of nowhere and hardly remember what happened. Obviously, Granny lured you into her home on some unsuspecting pretext – for example, to help her with the plumbing. Then she hit you on the head and dragged you upstairs to the bedroom (we warned you, she has more than enough strength). Here you have to take the first steps in your escape room quest. Look around carefully. You will see some furniture, objects placed on it. Inspect everything, because you never know what can come in handy in such situations and where the next clue can be hidden. It’s also advisable to look inside the drawers, rummage on the shelves and in the cabinets. Various things can also be stored there that can be used to pick locks, confuse Granny or even defend yourself.

Once you get out of the first room, you will have a long and dangerous journey around the house. There are many rooms, stairs and halls that you need to look into. The points is that the front door is locked by an ingenious system of locks, which are not so easy to handle. You will have to gather a whole collection of items that will allow you perform the necessary manipulations. And these objects are scattered in different parts of the house. So you won’t be able to slack off – you have to examine literally every inch of the area.

Don’t let Granny catch you!

But don’t hope that Granny will let you roam though her home unhindered doing whatever you want. Of course, she will follow you and will surely rush to any extraneous sound. So one of your first tasks is not to make noise. Running around, hitting furniture, dropping objects – all this is mortally dangerous. But it’s not always possible to maintain the necessary level of vigilance. And if you have already alerted Granny and can hear her footsteps, you still have a few seconds to run away or hide. By the way, Granny remembers where she already found you, and will check there first of all. Don’t repeat your mistakes if you don’t want to get caught! Discover the thrill of this amazing horror game on our website and start playing right now!