Decades ago, video games were a luxury and not everyone could have them on one’s computer. People used to spend entire evenings playing slow-paced strategies and multi chapter RPGs. That was a hobby that required a lot of time and effort. Today online games are all over the internet. There are many varieties of them and you don’t necessarily have to waste a lot of time to enjoy another fresh arcade. More and more users prefer short play sessions that they can indulge in during a coffee break or in a traffic jam. That’s why idle games are now so popular and widespread. This new category unites all genres, the only thing in common is that you don’t have to learn tricky controls – it’s enough to just tap or click to do everything you need for victory.

All possible pastimes to any taste

It doesn’t matter what your genre preferences are – the choice of idle games is so huge that you will easily find an option to your liking in our vast collection. Some of the most simple entertainments are meant to test your reflexes – you have to catch the object running up and down the screen by tapping it with your finger or clicking on it with your mouse, blow up colorful balls falling from the sky, drop geometric figures into free spaces or color the picture clicking on its parts. Those preferring more complicated gameplay can try their hand at cooking, building, managing and much more. You can create a business empire, open your own restaurant and make a fortune preparing delicious dishes, found a town and turn it into a flourishing place to live. Even wage wars gathering troops and leading them into the battle. There are also plenty of puzzles for you to solve and train your logical thinking. Dynamic or calm, one-track mind or complex – the selection will suit all categories of players!

Easy to control, fun to play!

And the most pleasant thing is that you don’t have to remember a large number of buttons to do that. Idle games are so simple to get the hang of that even a small child will easily figure out how to play them. Most of them are either very short and won’t take away a lot of your time or go on on a continuous basis, so you can just switch them off and return to them later at any minute. This is a whole world of simple entertainment and incredible adventures packed up in just a few moves of your finger. If you want to try something different and unobtrusive, check out our idle games online and pick an option for today!