This is a special sort of pleasure – sitting on the bank of a river with a rod and waiting for the fish to rise to the bait. The beautiful sights of nature, the splashing of the water and the relaxing pastime make you forget about all the stress you left back in the city. You can just chill out and enjoy a wonderful day – to come home with a bucket full of fresh fish and end it with a no less wonderful dinner. Too bad we don’t have that many opportunities to go fishing these days. Don’t be upset, our marvelous fishing games will make up for it! So if you don’t want your fishing skills to get rusty while you can’t make space for a land trip in your packed up schedule, join in and feel this thrill again!

Beautiful locations, exotic fish, realistic process!

Do you know that fishing is also a kind of sports? And just like in other types of it, here you can compete, participate in tournaments and become an experienced and respected fisher. Our site features a great number of fishing games where you can win all kinds of prizes, improve your fishing equipment, buy a new boat and purchase other things that will help you catch different species of fish easier and more effectively. This is an amazing way to reduce stress, relax and have fun. The action unfolds in various places, some of them replicated with stunning plausibility. So you can enjoy not only the process itself, but also a magnificent scenery on your screen. Here you can catch different types of fish all over the world – in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. See if you can score a record catch of salmon, tuna and other species, some of them living only in exotic biomes! You’ll definitely be thrilled with the prospect of fishing for sharks in the open sea. There is a lot of job waiting for you, so don’t waste your time!

Become a fishing champion!

The gameplay of fishing games is rather simple. Here everything is just like in real life. You cast your rod with bait, wait for the fish to come and then pull it out of the water. It’s important to pick the right moment and strength, because it can easily break free and you’ll have to start all over again. But don’t worry, there is enough fish in the virtual waters! You can sell your catch and spend the money you earn on upgrading your rod, buying new lines and baits and unlocking new places to test out your fishing skills. You can also invite your friends and set up a little competition. The more fish you put into your bucket the higher you’ll rise on the leaderboards. So grab your rod, cast the line and be patient!