Online games are a great invention of the mankind that allow us to unwind and blow off some steam after a hard day. There are all sorts of them and you can easily choose the one that best matches your today’s mood. Sometimes you long for action and enter a virtual war zone, sometimes you’d rather just relax and play some unhurried strategy. But sometimes you don’t want to get preoccupied with all the nuances and just wish some simple and fun pastime that won’t require you to strain your brain. In this case, you’ve come to the right site! We have a wide choice of casual games for you to enjoy in your free time.

Simple, fun, available!

Casual game are a special genre created for a wide audience. For the most part they are very simple, they don’t require you to perform any complex actions or take difficult decisions. In other words, they allow you to play without any additional effort other than simply hitting the buttons. Colorful graphics, a minimum of text and rules that aren’t too hard to memorize – here is a proven recipe for both a five-minute break and a whole free evening!

So how does a typical casual game look like? You probably remember Solitaire, Pinball and the likes from your first PC. Well, this is basically what we’re talking about, but the selection is so much broader when it comes to online casual games than those you have built into your operating system. Despite all of their simplicity, they are very versatile and can provide you with an endless diversity of virtual entertainments. The gameplay can be a mix of different genres, with elements of platformer, puzzle, room escape, fighting, shooting and so on. Whether you are looking to get some adrenaline or set your brain to work, you’ll definitely find the right option. And you won’t have to spend plenty of time figuring out how to play the game you just launched – you can literally understand them in two clicks.

Choose your perfect casual game!

Due to their juicy visuals, convenient controls and unpretentious gameplay, this category has become a sure choice for everyone who wants to have a good rest online and chill out in the virtual reality without adding to that headache most of us have by the end of the day. There are good old retro games you probably used to play decades ago and some new amazing options you haven’t checked out yet. Don’t wait any further, plunge into the fascinating world of our casual games and have a simple and riveting kind of fun!